Our firm is a member of PLG International Lawyers.

Canonica Valticos & Associés SA is one of the first members of PLG International Lawyers, which throughout the years has grown into a leading international network encompassing over 1100 lawyers and notaries from 29 member firms represented in more than 50 cities spread over 33 countries and 4 continents.

Through its network of independent medium-sized law firms, PLG International Lawyers offers all the benefits of a big global firm, while giving clients the advantage of working with traditional firms in which partners still keep the personal contact and relationship with their clients.

PLG International Lawyers places particular importance on the need to bridge the legal, linguistic and cultural differences of its members’ clients and to offer tailor made professional services that takes into account the cross-border aspect of every international matter.

For more information on PLG International Lawyers, please visit their website on or contact us directly.